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Programmable Pickup Switching

Pickup Director™ Standard and Deluxe Models

Pickup_Director_Standard_IMG_3493_Fast_Crop_Edits_Title Item #: Pickup Director Standard for 3 single coils (S/S/S) type guitars.
Name: Custom Designed for SSS Type Guitar
Description: Pickup Director STD allows up to 23 different Series, Parallel, Series/Parallel and In Phase/Out of Phase pickup combinations.
MSR Price: $249.99     Web Price: $199.99


Pickup_Director_Deluxe_IMG_2608_780_by_462_pix Item #: Pickup Director Deluxe for 2 Humbucking Pickups or 4 single coils. Supports: (H/S/S), (H/H) or (S/S/S/S) type guitars.
Name: Custom Designed for All Types of Guitars
Description: Pickup Director Deluxe allows up to 49 different series, parallel, series/parallel and In Phase/Out of Phase pickup combinations on board. Programmable from over 80+ total pickup combinations with Pickup Composer Software application and optional AMBROSONICS Cable and Connection Kit.
MSR Price: $349.99     Web Price: $289.99