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HD Audio Hybrid Analog Preamp with DSP!

HD-Pre-amp DSP-45


HD Analog / DSP Preamp Wiring

Item Name: HD Hybrid Analog/DSP-45 Preamp Board
Description: This is an on-board Guitar or Bass Preamp System with HD Audio and 24 Bit Digital Signal Processing Effects. The HD DSP guitar preamp has fabulous sounds and is a high quality product designed and made in the USA. It features 15 DSP Effects, Stereo Headphone Outputs and optional iPOD inputs. A mini toggle, 3-position switch provides Clean, Analog Distortion 1 and Analog Distortion 2 allowing for 45 different sounds. The Analog Distortion levels and DSP Effects levels are also under your control! The preamp has a True By-Pass Switch for a passive non-preamp mode of operation. There is no 9 volt battery required in By-Pass mode.
MSR Price: $359.99   Web Price: $279.00       DEMO ME
Controls: (as pictured from right to left) Master Volume/On/Off, Distortion/Gain Level, DSP Effects Selector, Effects Level
DSP Effects: Stereo Chours with Reverb, Deep Hall Reverbs, Delay 1, Delay 2, Room Reverbs, Tank Reverb, Vintage Reverb, Stereo Chours, Flanger, Slight Lesley and others.
Distortion Modes: Real Analog Distortion 1, Deeper Analog Distortion 2
True Passive By-Pass Switch: A 3PDT Switch bypasses all electronics. The Master Volume control becomes a passive volume control!