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For technology licensing, investor relations or product development, please contact:

Eric P. Ambrosino, President and Owner

Phone: (860) 752-9022


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My passion to play the guitar has been with me from an early age. Music of all styles and genres appeals to me but there’s nothing like the free improvisation of contemporary jazz that resonates most with my roots and in my bones.

Being both an acoustic and an electric musician exposes one to an incredibly large variety of technology that goes along for the ride with the art of creating music. You’re aware of them too; things like room acoustics, intonation, amplification, distortion.….the list goes on and on.

In 1986, I established AMBROSONICS as a way to combine the art of creating music with the art of engineering. Formally educated in Electrical Engineering and the Computer Sciences, I found the merging of music and engineering very exciting. My musical activities always seemed to require electronic intervention. Designing custom products and providing solutions for local studios, musicians and music companies quickly became another passionate side of life. I enjoy sharing my experience with others and that’s how AMBROSONICS was born.

Today AMBROSONICS, LLC continues to develop custom designed products like the Pickup Director™ and provides engineering services to companies, musicians and clients worldwide.

Thanks for reading,

Eric P. Ambrosino